Application for Android

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You are recommended to review the source code and compile your own version. Remember to allow installation of applications from untrusted sources.

mydriatext_1_12.apk(501 KiB) Runnable application¹
mydriatext_1_12_src.tar.xz(3.5 MiB) Source code and library dependencies.
mydriatext_1_12_src_nolibs.tar.xz(112 KiB) Source code only.
mydriatext_1_11.apk(500 KiB) Runnable application¹
mydriatext_1_11_src.tar.xz(3.5 MiB) Source code and library dependencies.
mydriatext_1_11_src_nolibs.tar.xz(111 KiB) Source code only.
mydriatext_1_10.apk(500 KiB) Runnable application¹
mydriatext_1_10_src.tar.xz(3.5 MiB) Source code and library dependencies.
mydriatext_1_10_src_nolibs.tar.xz(111 KiB) Source code only.

See full CHANGELOG.txt.

¹The source code that was used to build the binary is always available inside. Open the .apk as a zip-file and navigate to /res/raw/ to access it.

Building from source