Application for Android

Reporting bugs and submitting patches

To submit a patch you need to sign an agreement that grant MydriaTech full right do whatever we want with the source code. If you have identified some changes that would be generally beneficial for all, it is probably much easier for everyone if you send an email describing what you think should be done and how.

Enterprise and Government license

Purchasing a license gives you the right to use the application in an enterprise or a government entity for the duration of the license. No support or warranty is given, so make sure to try it out before you purchase a license.

The license is only valid once MydriaTech has received the payment. No technical restrictions are in place to enforce the license.

Installations Yearly cost
<10 2000 SEK
<100 8000 SEK
<1000 40000 SEK
<10000 200000 SEK

The prices are shown excluding 25% VAT and are only indications and might change without notice. Send an email with some information about your intended use-case to get a better indication.

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